Ziegen Alpkäse

ZEIGEN ALPKASEZiegen Alpkäse is Arturo Chiriboga’s take on goat tomme, made with milk from a single herd on the nearby Austrian border. In 2003, the owner of these goats partnered with Arturo to help save his farm. Arturo receives all of the milk from the goat farm, which allows him to make limited amounts of cheese.

Ziegen Alpkäse, one of very few goat milk cheeses from the region, is only about 2 months old. Ziegen Alpkase has a goat- yogurty richness and and open, yielding mouth feel. Its texture is unusually long for an aged goat cheese, with no hint of the milking stall. Hand washed by Arturo and his son at the 700 year-old estate at Käserei Obere Mühle.

Käserei Obere Mühle is located in Bad Oberdorf, a picturesque mountain town at the foothills of the Bavarian Alps. Arturo Chiriboga, the master cheesemaker at Obere Mühle, was born and raised in Ecuador and went to Europe as a young adult to learn the art of making cheese.

In Europe he met and fell in love with a Bavarian girl, who he followed home to the Alps to begin his career in cheesemaking. Obere Mühle dairy uses only organic milk of the highest quality, from five local farmers who belong to the Obere Mühle Cooperative. The milk is used to make 14 varieties of cheese, from traditional Alpine style cheeses, to Chiriboga Blue.

FORMAT 8 lb wheel
TYPE Cooked/pressed Washed rind
MILK Pasteurized goat, Single herd (130 goats)
RENNET Traditional
PRODUCER Arturo Chiriboga Käserei Obere Mühle
REGION Bavaria, Germany
AGE 2-3 months
PROFILE Yogurty richness & mouth-covering texture.