With the demand for OG Kristal skyrocketing at the same as construction on the new dairy was being completed, there was a need for cheese from the Deweer family that achieved the same great flavors they had established in OG Kristal, but with a shorter aging profile.  With the help of Kaasaffineurs Van Tricht, the family is now producing another Gouda available in a younger profile, Young Farmdal.  Young Farmdal starts with the same milk and production methods utilized to make OG Kristal, but the family has tweaked the cultures used to benefit younger cheese. 

In the eight-week old version, the Deweers produced a young Gouda that isn’t just about being smooth and creamy, but also has a more complex profile, with notes of vanilla and sweet cream abound. 

FORMAT 27lb Wheel
TYPE Gouda
MILK Pasteurized cow 
RENNET Vegetarian 
PRODUCER Johan Deweer, Kaasboerderij ‘T Groendal
REGION West Flanders, Belgium
AGE 6-8 weeks
PROFILE Much more pliable and creamy, the Young Farmdal is more like soft butter in texture than its matured counterparts. While familiar flavor notes of a Gouda are present such as caramel, it leans more towards sweet cream and vanilla. It finishes with a slight propionic tang helping to cut thru the creaminess of the paste