Wrangeback has the distinction of being the oldest recognized brand of cheese in Sweden, with production occurring at Almnäs Bruk sometime in the early 1830’s.  While there have been tweaks as to how the cheese is made, the cheesemakers have done everything they can to preserve the original profile, while still making improvements.

Currently matured to an age of ten months, Wrangeback manages to somehow be completely unique in flavor, while also straddling profile notes of beloved styles of cheese.  It starts out with dense cream blast and more umami, brothy notes reminiscent of a cooked curd Gruyere.  But as the flavors develop on your palate, it starts to lean towards a more acidic note, closer in flavor to a lowland Cheddar.  This dance between profiles makes Wrangeback universally loved by all, and easy sell on any counter.

FORMAT 20 lb wheel
TYPE Cooked/Pressed, Washed rind
MILK Raw Cow, Farmstead, Holstein
RENNET Traditional animal rennet
PRODUCER Almnäs Bruk
REGION Västra Götaland Shire
AGE 10 months
PROFILE Long finish, beginning with afresh lactic bite, which turns to umami notes reminiscent of very aged cheddar