Vorarlberger Bergkäse

Bergkäse simply translates to “mountain cheese”, and in that sense, the cheese is a representation of the alpine pastures that help shape its flavor.  The farmers who supply milk for Dorfsennerei Sibratsgfäll take their cows to graze on pastures as high as 1500 meters, where a wide variety of grasses, herbs, and flowers are growing.  In the winter months, the cows are fed a diet of silage-free hay.  The quality of the diet of these animals contributes to exquisite raw milk, that makes this cheese incredibly flavorful.  Its texture is dense and toothsome, while still creamy.  The profile is reminiscent of other closely related Alpine cheeses, nutty and more savory, but the cheese finishes with a more unique tartness, almost apple like in flavor.

FORMAT 4 month quarter wheel
10 month quarter wheel
16+ month quarter wheel
16+ month whole wheel
TYPE Cooked/pressed Washed rind
MILK Unpasteurized cow, 100% Hay Milk, GMO Free
RENNET Traditional calf stomach 
PRODUCER Baur Herbert, Dorfsennerei Sibratsgfäll
REGION Vorarlberg, Austria
AGE 4-16+ months
PROFILE Its texture is generally reminiscent of Gruyére, dense and dry, but still pliable with good meltability.  The older varieties will naturally have a drier, more dense texture.  Flavors are more pronounced in aged wheels with just a mild spice, and less so on the younger versions.  It finishes with a slight apple like acidity that helps balance the fat content perfectly.