Üsi Minnie

Large format, Alpine cheese famously dominate production across Switzerland.  But these cheeses require vast amounts of curds to form each wheel, and there is not always enough remaining at the end of a batch to make a complete cheese of that nature.  For centuries, Swiss cheese makers turned these curds into a much smaller cheese referred to as Mutschili.  Mutschili was traditionally produced on stovetops or smaller vats, and due to their sized, aged much less than something like Gruyere or Bergkase.  This was the inspiration for master cheesemaker Christian Oberli when making Üsi Minnie. 

Don’t be fooled by its size, as this “minnie” cheese packs a flavor punch.  Oozing with notes of spring onion, garlic, and bright yogurt, Üsi Minnie is a great starter cheese for those breaking into the Alpine category.  It’s format also serves well for shops and restaurants looking to work in smaller volumes when purchasing cheese.

FORMAT 4lb wheel
TYPE Cooked/pressed
MILK Unpasteurized cow
RENNET Traditional calf rennet
PRODUCER Christian Oberli, Käserei Oberli
REGION Canton St Gallen, Switzerland
AGE 4 months
PROFILE Flavors are of custard and yogurt with a mild grassy finish.