Tiny Blossom

Tiny Blossom is a collaborative effort between Dorfsennerei Sibratsgfäll and Hofkäserei Kraus in Germany.  With the popularity of Alp Blossom increasing not just with cheese shops but restaurants as well, it became clear there was a need for a smaller format version.  Tiny Blossom starts off as a cheese called KiloKaesle from Sibratsgfäll, a byproduct of production of the larger cheese Bergkase.  Leftover curds are formed into smaller one kilo molds and aged to about three to four months before being moved to Hofkäserei Kraus.  Once in Germany, the cheese receives the same blend of flower petals, herbs, and spices as its larger format cousin. While the texture of the Tiny Blossom tends to be more firm than Alp Blossom, the flavor profile is more similar thanks to flower coating.  The herbaceous and floral notes mesh together with the warm, nutty, and rich meaty tones of the cheese.  This smaller version is great for restaurants as well as shops looking to manage a lower level of inventory.

FORMAT 5/2.2 lb wheels
TYPE Cooked/pressed Washed rind
MILK Unpasteurized cow, 100% Hay Milk, GMO Free
RENNET Traditional calf stomach 
PRODUCER Baur Herbert, Dorfsennerei Sibratsgfäll
REGION Vorarlberg, Austria
AGE 3-4 months
PROFILE The same multi-colored, playful rind of Alp Blossom, with a more firm and supple paste. Soft spice notes mingle with a warm nutty flavor, and a rich meaty finish. The mix of flowers, herbs, and spices from the rind perfectly compliment this profile, bringing added complexity.