Tete de Moine AOP

swiss9An exceptional version of this oft-overlooked AOP cheese, Harald Kampf’s Tete de Moine is strikingly refined. Aged for an additional month or so at the dairy (making it around 3 1/2-4 months at its release, this Tete has a uniquely creamy mouth, almost mashable. Instantly sweet & oscillates in & out of a pleasing sour cream note.

More open in texture & generally brighter than Tete de Moine we know, made pleasantly round and almost delicate from the extended aging, which occurs exclusively at the dairy for our supply. Hand foiled.

The cheese dairy Courtelary was set up in 1978. It is situated in the midst of the Bernese Jura, between the Chasseral in the south and the Franches Montagnes in the north. The present dairy was built in 1996 and consists of the dairy itself, a shop and a pigsty outside the village. Since 1997 the Kämpf family have managed the site.

FORMAT 4/2 lb tomme
TYPE Cooked curd, Washed rind
MILK Raw cow, Red & Black Holstein, 15 contributing herds
RENNET Traditional calf stomach
PRODUCER Herald Kämpf Fromagerie Courtelary
REGION Canton Bern, Switzerland
AGE 12 weeks
PROFILE Semi-firm, but milky and delicate. Sweet & custardy, slightly sour with subtle hints of smoke.