Almnäs Bruk likes to use its cheese to pays tribute to the estates past lives, including its time as brick factory.  In another era, as bricks were finished being produced, they would be placed outside of the estate to dry and cure.  Before some had a chance to dry completely, children of the estate would playfully run across these bricks, imparting a footprint.  This happy accident would become the official logo for Almnäs Bruk, each brick intentionally stamped with the mark.  The same indentation is now added to each brick of cheese called Tegel. 

Aged for at least 18 months, Tegel differs drastically from Wrangeback.  Its texture is much less creamy, with a toothsome density.  Scattered throughout the paste are pronounced tyrosine crystals that add contrast in texture.  Its flavor is long and lasting, with intense stone fruit notes that linger long after the first taste.  In Tegel, the cheesemakers of Almnäs Bruk have once again masterfully connected the history of this Swedish property to the styles of the great Swiss mountain cheeses.

FORMAT 15lb wheel
TYPE Cooked/Pressed, Washed rind
MILK Raw Cow, Farmstead, Holstein
RENNET Traditional animal rennet
PRODUCER Almnäs Bruk
REGION Västra Götaland Shire
AGE 18 months
PROFILE Long finish, beginning with a fresh lactic bite, which turns to umami notes reminiscent of very aged cheddar.