Sheridan’s Crackers

Sheridan's Cheesemongers CrackersSeamus and Kevin Sheridan founded Sheridan’s Cheesemongers in 1995 with a small stall at the Galway market in their native Ireland. The stall was an intersection of the best cheeses in Ireland. Soon they had opened a shop in Galway and before long had expanded to Dublin, Waterford and opened a warehouse at the site of the Old Virginia Road Railway Station in Meath. The Sheridan’s are passionately committed to sourcing highest quality artisan products and forging links directly with the food producers. Their close relationships with their suppliers remain of utmost importance to the ethos of the company.

Since their founding, the Sheridan’s had longed for a cracker that not only provided a perfect accompaniment to their selection of cheeses but would also capture the flavors of traditional Irish foods and reflect their tight bonds with the best farmers and food producers in Ireland. To do so, they would work hand in hand with Chef Richard Graham Leigh and a range of Ireland’s finest farms and traditional food artisans.

Richard Graham-Leigh had moved to West Cork in 1998 with intentions to retire before starting a small bakery from his home in 2003, selling cookies at his local Clonakilty market. By 2011, after converting a barn on their property to a full scale commercial bakery, Graham-Leigh approached the Sheridan’s to distribute their goods. Graham-Leigh was soon enlisted to develop the range of Sheridan’s Crackers, spending months developing recipes that not only complimented the cheeses, but in fact translated the land of Cork.

Sheridans brown bread crackers
Sheridans mixed seed crackers
Sheridans rye linseed crackers