Sennerei Nufenen

Sennerei NufenenNufenen is a quintessential village dairy, a co-operative reflecting generations of cheesemaking in Grisons (or Graubunden). The works exclusively with cows milk delivered by 22 small local member herds, two of which are maintained by the co-operatives own cheesemakers.

In summer, the Brown Swiss ascend to feast on high alpine pastures, occasionally congregating in a milking parlor high on the side of the mountain that gravity feeds the vat in the dairy below via a unique milk pipe. In Winter, the cows descend to the village and are fed exclusively from dried grasses culled from the same Alp, some cut from such remote elevations that there are cultivated only once every 24 months.

In 2010, the co-operative proudly built a modern ageing cellar on site, ensuring quality for future generations.