Sennerei Hittisau

SENNEREI HITTISAUIn 1977, representatives from the Bregenz region of Austria founded a village dairy in Hittisau to bring together farmers from surrounding hamlets. They began making Emmentaler, a regionally popular cheese supported by the Swiss Cheese Union. In 1995, the dairy transitioned into making a new cheese, Hittisau, to represent the milk of their region and the vision of their dairy. This cheese became an overwhelming regional success, and focus shifted from Emmentaler to Hittisau, with additional butter production.

Using the milk from 160 farms for Hittisau and 70 for Emmentaler and Butter production, Sennerei Hittisau processes 5,500,500 kg of silage free milk each year. The Sennerei is GMO free certified, as well.

10 people work at Sennerei Hittisau, 8 of the employees are part time.

The dairy prides itself on sourcing exclusively heumilch from Hochhaederich, an Alpine peak known as a great grazing area in the region. Cows graze on terpine rich Alpine pasture in Spring and Summer, while feasting on summer hay in the winter.