Risler Square Raclette

Risler SquareHand crafted by master cheesemaker Christian Oberli at Kaserei Oberli, Risler Raclette is a substantial 15 pound Alpine style cheese. Made with raw silage free milk and hand washed four months, its resulting flavors include sweet cream and bacon, with a pliable & dense paste.

Kaserei Oberli was originally built in 1918 and engaged primarily in the production of Emmentaler cheese for export. When the family passed the dairy to the second generation, they began the transition to Tilsiter cheesemaking, and they produced this cheese exclusively until 1998, when the increasing consolidation and industrialization of some AOP cheeses influenced third generation Christian Oberli to diversify his production.

Now the dairy is well known for their Schweizer Gold, their range of Raclette and their new Sennenkase, produced in two vats in the newly updated dairy.

FORMAT 1/15 lb square, 1/15 lb round
TYPE Cooked/pressed Washed rind
MILK Pasteuraized cow
RENNET Traditional calf stomach
PRODUCER Christian Oberli, Käserei Oberli Rislen
REGION Canton St Gallen Switzerland
AGE 4 months
PROFILE Flavors are of custard, yogurt and garlic, with a long finish. Its paste is firm, dense and flakey, speckled with protein crystals.