Poschiavo Molino & Pastificio (PASTA)

Poschiavo cartoonPoschiavo is both a mill and a pasta factory. The mill began in the hands of Augustinian nuns in Poschiavo, Switzerland. By the late 19th century the Fisler family acquired the property and today the fifth generation of Fislers run the business, still in Poschiavo. Located just north of the region of Lombardy, Italy, at a high elevation of 3300 feet in the southeastern canton of Grisons, Switzerland.

The durum wheat is coarsely ground and mixed with local mountain spring water.  The pasta dries slowly in the mill’s attic taking about a week. The lengthy pasta is then packed by hand in brilliantly colored wrapping. The result of these high inputs is a toothy, nutty pasta that allows sauce to cling and coat each strand. Add a few extra minutes to your typical cooking time for this pasta.