Piave Vecchio D.O.P.

PIAVE VECCHIOThe traditional aged cheese produced in Veneto along the valley of the Piave River was standardized under the name Piave in the 1960s. Piave is now produced industrially, however its high quality has led to its appreciation at prominent counters around the world.

Formaggi Ciresa is a leading affinatore of Lombardia. Their work includes selection, aging, packaging, and distribution of cheese, particularly the traditional cheese families of Lombardia: Stracchino, Gorgonzola, Latteria & fresh cheese.

Founded in 1927, their multi-generational relationships with cheesemakers allow for incomparable representation of these regional styles, in addition to PDO cheeses throughout Italy.

FORMAT 14 lb square
TYPE Cooked curd, Pressed
MILK Pasteurized cow
RENNET Traditional Calf Rennet
AFFINATORE Formaggi Ciresa
REGION Veneto, Italy
AGE 12 months
PROFILE Dense, ‘shardy’ texture, sweet caramel notes, lactic bite.