Pepe Botella

Pepe Botella begins its life at Quesería Gazul in Southern Spain.  Cheesemaker Jorge Puerto works with farmers in his area to source raw goat’s milk from the native Payoya goat to craft his cheese with.  As part of the affinage program at Quesería Cultivo, wheels are selected from the dairy around five days old and transitioned to the caves at Granja Cantagrullas.  While here, the rind is left natural, letting the native microflora of the caves influence its development. 

The texture of the cheese is most altered, with a much creamier mouthfeel achieved than would normal occur in this style.  The salinity is also enhanced, allowing for longer, cleaner flavors.

FORMAT 5.5lb Wheels
TYPE Cooked Pressed Curd, Natural Rind
MILK Raw Goat, Payoyo
RENNET Traditional 
PRODUCER Jorge Puerto, Quesería El Gazul                                                                                                                    AFFINEUR Ruben Valbuena Asela Alvarez, Granja Cantagrullas
REGION Cadiz, Spain
AGE 6 months
PROFILE Through the affinage process, Cultivo is able to achieve a smoother, and noticeably creamy paste that is not always found in this type of cheese. The salinity is also enhanced, drawing out more flavors from the cheese, resulting in a longer clean finish.