Pata de Mulo

Pata de Mulo, or “mule’s leg” is a very commonly made cheese in Northern Spain.  Quesería Cultivo sources for their affinage program from cheesemaker Pilar Blanco, who makes her version as artisan as possible.  Once she has set the curd, made from raw sheep’s milk from her brothers farm, she finishes producing the cheese entirely by hand.  Straining, molding, and brining are all done in this fashion.  Once the cheese is sent to Granja Cantagrullas, it will continue to age for about five months. 

While the native molds of the cave influence the end result, cheese mites also find their way onto the rind, helping to make it more aromatic on the surface.  The final flavors are mild and buttery with just a slight tang, making it approachable on any cheeseboard.

FORMAT 3lb Wheels
TYPE Cooked Pressed Curd, Natural Rind
MILK Raw Sheep, Assaf, Single Source Farmstead
RENNET Traditional 
PRODUCER Pilar Blanco, Quesería Praizal                                                                                                                    AFFINEUR Ruben Valbuena Asela Alvarez, Granja Cantagrullas
REGION Castilla y Leon, Spain
AGE 5 months
PROFILE The intense aromas of the rind are balanced between lactic brightness and a more fungal, mushroom tone. The texture remains smooth and creamy which envelops the mouth. The flavor is mild, buttery, and low in acidity making it approachable on a cheeseboard and great for slicing onto sandwiches as well.