Parmigiano Reggiano Latteria Tullia

Latteria Tullia is nestled in the lower plains of the Apennine Mountains in the province of Reggio Emilia, one of the most historic provinces of Parmigiano Reggiano production.

The dairy was founded in 1940 by brothers from the Pavesi family. In the 1960s, the brothers converted the dairy’s ownership from a private to cooperative ownership structure, due to the closure of many other dairies in the region.

Rural depopulation led to a decrease in cooperative members, from 50 in the 1970s to its current membership of 24 dairy farmers.

In May 2012, the famous earthquake that hit Emilia destroyed Latteria Tullia’s warehouse and caused the loss of 20,000 wheels, representing approximately seven months of their production.

In reaction to the worldwide solidarity shown to the dairy after the earthquake, the dairy launched an extensive e- commerce site to allow for sales of their cheese outside their immediate market.

FORMAT 82 lb wheel
TYPE Grana, Cooked curd, Brushed rind
MILK Raw milk, 24 contributing herds
RENNET Traditional calf stomach
AFFINATORE Formaggi Ciresa
REGION Rolo, Reggio Emilia, Emilia Romagna, Italy
AGE 24 months
PROFILE Pleasingly gritty texture with a long finish of rich, savory notes, leading to slight lactic sourness, ending in intense fruity/dried apricot notes.