Panza Burro

Panzaburro actually starts off as a PDO cheese called Queso Nata de Cantabria hailing from Northern Spain and made by La Pasiega de Peña Pelada.  The original cheese is often referred to as cream cheese because of its soft lactic flavors.  But because this cheese is matured at Cantagrullas as part of Quesería Cultivo’s affinage program, it’s much more complex.  The rind is full of life from the native molds of Cantagrullas, helping to make the cheese more earthy with notes of mushrooms. 

The finish is very lactic and wild.  The texture stays moist despite the longer aging, making it a great melter for culinary applications.

FORMAT 3lb Wheels
TYPE Cooked Pressed Curd, Natural Rind
MILK Pasteurized Cow, Holstein
RENNET Traditional 
PRODUCER La Pasiega de Peña Pelada.                                                                                                                        AFFINEUR Ruben Valbuena Asela Alvarez, Granja Cantagrullas
REGION Cantabria, Spain
AGE 5+ months
PROFILE What starts out as a lovely table cheese, approachable in flavor and creamy in flavor, is now much more complex. Earthy, mushroom undertones are more present, as well as a more lactic, wild finish. The texture remains moist, making this a great melter still.