With the demand for OG Kristal skyrocketing at the same as construction on the new dairy was being completed, there was a need for cheese from the Deweer family that achieved the same great flavors they had established in OG Kristal, but with a shorter aging profile.  With the help of Kaasaffineurs Van Tricht, the family is now producing another Gouda available in a younger profile, Old Farmdal.  Old Farmdal starts with the same milk and production methods utilized to make OG Kristal, but the family has tweaked the cultures used to benefit the younger cheese. 

It has the familiar boozy cherry notes, and widely studded tyrosine crystals of OG Kristal, but aged for only nine months, half the amount time for it’s evolved counterpart.

FORMAT 24lb Wheel
TYPE Gouda
MILK Pasteurized cow 
RENNET Vegetarian 
PRODUCER Johan Deweer, Kaasboerderij ‘T Groendal
REGION West Flanders, Belgium
AGE 9 months
PROFILE At 9 months, the texture is dense and toothy, but maintains a creamy mouthfeel.  The tyrosine crystals are pronounced and studded throughout the paste.  The flavor starts out sweet and boozy with strong notes of stone fruit.  It finishes with a slight acidity, similar to dark chocolate.