OG Kristal

OG Kristal is a tyrosine dream come true for all the worshipers of those lovely little cheese diamonds.  The Deweer family keeps a close relationship with the dairy farming neighbors in their town, sourcing the best possible milk available to them.  This milk is crafted into OG Kristal, utilizing traditional Gouda methods and aged for a minimum of 18 months, but nothing about its flavor is basic. 

While a traditional, sweet profile is achieved, OG Kristal veers more towards cocoa and malted notes rather than the classic caramel flavor.  Its long-lasting finish is reminiscent of liqueur-soaked cherries.  The texture remains extremely moist and creamy for a cheese of its age, while the well-developed tyrosine is pronounced and evenly dispersed.

FORMAT 20lb Wheel
TYPE Gouda
MILK Pasteurized cow 
RENNET Vegetarian 
PRODUCER Johan Deweer, Kaasboerderij ‘T Groendal
REGION West Flanders, Belgium
AGE 18 months
PROFILE Dense creamy paste studded throughout with crystals.  Flavors of boozy cherries, fudge, and butterscotch.