Nørup Mejeri

Nørup MejeriJens Beierholm Poulsen was two years old in 1958 when his father, Jens Peter Beierholm Poulsen bought the Lihmskov Farm Dairy in Central Denmark to realize his dream of becoming an independent cheesemaker. By the time Jens Peter purchased and moved production to the nearby village dairy co-operative Nørup Mejeri in 1972 (est. 1909), he had gained an international reputation for his traditional Danish cheeses, particularly Havarti.

The younger Jens returned to the dairy in 1983, after intensive study of dairy science and apprenticeships in Switzerland. He has retained his independent spirit as a cheesemaker, refusing to automate his processes from vat to molds to his aging room, preserving traditional methods and flavor profiles. As a private dairy, Norup Mejeri utilizes milk from 12 small, local farms in this historic dairy region. Jens is also deeply involved with the Private Dairy Association, representing the interests of 32 independant dairies and farms in Denmark.

Traditional Havarti