Mycella Blue

Mycella BlueMycella Blue is a historic Danish recipe revived by the cheesemakers at Bornholms Andelsmejeri. Made with only milk procured from the Bornholm Island’s distinguished dairy co-operative, Mycella’s curds are gently molded and drained, creating a dense paste, creamy mouthfeel for such a mature blue. The wheels are liberally pierced allowing the rich proprietary blue mold to flower delicately through the paste.

After four months of aging in the co-operative’s cellars, the sweet cream foundation of the cheese is infused with a pleasant blueing, with echoes of stone- fruit building from a foundation of salted butter before gently fading to a long, gentle finish.

Bornholms Andelsmejeri is integral to the life of the inhabitants of its namesake island, pitched 150 km from the coast of Denmark in the Baltic Sea. While the first dairy was established on the island in 1886, it was the forming of the co- operative in the 1950s that allowed the island’s dairies to survive.

The 36 member co-operative now thrives, producing cheese and bottling milk from cows grazing on pastures kissed by the salty breeze of the Baltic.

FORMAT 3lb wheel
TYPE Semi-soft blue
MILK Pasteurized cow (36 contributing herds)
PRODUCER Bornholms Andelsmejeri
REGION Bornholm Island, Denmark
AGE 4 months
PROFILE Creamy when young, brittle as it ages. Pleasant blueing with echoes of dried cherries.