Malacara Curado Manchego DOP

Malacara was originally produced by Quesos Iniesta utilizing two different breeds of sheep native to Spain, keeping it from attaining DOP status as a Manchego.  More recently though, they have made the transition to utilizing solely milk of the La Mancha sheep, as required to be called a DOP Manchego.  Utilizing slight variations in production methods, Felix Iniesta is able to craft a Manchego with a slightly different profile than is usual. 

FORMAT 5lb Wheels
TYPE Pressed, Natural Rind
MILK Raw Sheep, La Mancha
RENNET Traditional 
PRODUCER Felix Iniesta, Quesos Iniesta Manzanaro
REGION Castilla y Leon
AGE 7+ months
PROFILE A beautiful balance between a milky sweetness and subtle acidity, helps to create notes of coffee paired with toasted nuts.