Mahon Semicurado DOP

The quality of Mahon from Quesos Torralba, starts with the practices of the dozen producers they select wheels from.  Working the fresh curds into hand knotted cheese cloth rather than plastic molds, allows for better whey drainage, and therefore, better rind development in the final stages.  Once the cheese is under the care of Quesos Torralba, the rind is rubbed with olive oil and paprika to help it age properly and retain moisture.  We’ve selected a younger, semi-curado profile, aged to at most, five months.  The results are unusual for Mahon we typically see here in the States. 

Because of the hands-on approach to production, each wheel truly is individual, rather than normal, mass produced and versions that tend to look identical.  The paste remains much more moisture, giving it a pleasant semi-firm, elastic texture rather than being overly dried out.  Bright, tropical fruit notes are abound, as is a brininess that reminds us this cheese is produced on the island of Menorca.

FORMAT 5.5lb Wheels
TYPE Pressed, Natural Rind
MILK Raw Cow, Holstein
RENNET Traditional 
PRODUCER Nicolás Cardona and Rosa Gornés, Quesos Torralba
REGION Balearic Islands, Spainn
AGE 2-5 months
PROFILE The outer rind is smooth and dry with a burnt orange hue. The inner paste is ivory yellow with a semi firm, elastic texture. The profile is slightly buttery with a tangy finish. Salt is very prevalent as well, and the terroir of being made on an island is present.