Lisa with Ramps

At the end of each Winter season in Bavaria, little green tops begin to poke through the surface of soil and snow out in the pastures grazed on by Brown Swiss cows.  These Bärlauch, or wild Ramps, are full of oniony, garlicky flavor and are a favorite snack for the cows.  Once ingested, the Ramps help to impart those onion and garlic flavors to the animal’s milk, a quality that is prized and helps farmers fetch more value in that round of milking.  Albert Kraus draws that flavor out even further, with the addition of these local Ramps to his cheese Lisa. 

The soft, buttery paste is the perfect medium for this.  Notes of onion, garlic, and a bright acidity create a sour cream and onion vibe that is delightful.  Wonderful for snacking on, but a great melter in the kitchen as well, Lisa with Ramps is quite versatile for cheese shops or restaurants.

FORMAT 13lb wheel
TYPE Cooked/pressed Washed rind
MILK Unpasteurized cow Brown Swiss
RENNET Traditional calf stomach 
PRODUCER Albert Kraus, Hofkäserei Kraus
REGION Bavaria, Germany
AGE 3 months
PROFILE Lisa’s semi soft paste is buttery and creamy, with hints of crème fraiche. The addition of ramps to the cheese, as well as the garlicky flavor of the milk, mesh perfectly with the body of the cheese. Together they create a wonderful sour cream and onion profile that is pleasant and extremely snackable.