Latteria Valsassina Marco

LATTERIA VALSASSINA MARCOThis Latteria is produced on a farmstead of about 120 Brown Swiss cows and aged for about 8 months in Introbio. Marco is quite sweet up front before building to a very pleasant spike in acidity. With its surprisingly warm and round finish Marco makes for a clever and rewarding replacement for ubiquitous Asiagos.

Formaggi Ciresa is a leading affinatore of Lombardia. Their work includes selection, aging, packaging, and distribution of cheese, particularly the traditional cheese families of Lombardia: Stracchino, Gorgonzola, Latteria & fresh cheese.

Founded in 1927, their multi-generational relationships with cheesemakers allow for incomparable representation of these regional styles, in addition to PDO cheeses throughout Italy

FORMAT 14.5 lb square
TYPE Cooked curd Pressed
MILK Raw cow
RENNET Traditional Calf
AFFINATORE Formaggi Ciresa
REGION Lombardia Italy
AGE 3-4 months
PROFILE Smooth, quite sweet initially, then fruity with a round finish.