Käserei Oberli Rislen

Käserei Oberli

For over 100 years, Käserei Oberli Rislen has played a big role in the Swiss cheese market, whether through production of name protected classics or original creations, all the while remaining under ownership by just one family.  The Oberli family started the dairy in 1918, primarily producing Emmentaler for the export market.  With markets shifting and the second generation taking over the dairy, they transitioned to making Swiss Tilsiter almost exclusively.  But as Swiss cheese regulations loosened, and third generation cheesemaker Christian Oberli took the lead at the dairy, their portfolio began to increase immensely.  Today they produce a range of products from Raclette, to original recipe cheeses, and many more.  Christian continues to lead the dairy into the future and carry on his family’s legacy in the world of Swiss cheese.

Risler Square Raclette
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