Käserei Neuwies

KÄSEREI NEUWIESAfter 7 years of renting Käserei Neuwies, Philipp Muller and his family bought the farm in 2013. As the cheesemaker, owns the dairy and buys milk from 15 local farmers, who each have an average of 15 Brown Swiss cows. Thomas makes a variety of cheeses, focusing on Tilsiter, a popular regional style. He began producing Nidelchas after a friend of his produced a similar cheese and had a good response to it. Using a 100 position press, Philipp makes between 80-100 wheels of cheese each day, determining which cheese to make each day based on the amount and consistency of the milk he receives. His aging cellar can hold up to 7000 wheels at a time and all of Neuwies’ cheese is aged in house.