Humo is a variation of Quesería Campoveja’s Manteo. Made using the same recipe, and aged for a similar time frame, Humo is very similar to its counterpart except that as the name suggest, it is smoked.

The cheesemakers utilize a smokehouse that is attached to the dairy. Once wheels have been aged just enough to have slight rind formation, they are moved from the caves to a staging area. The wheels are then very strategically smoked as to not overpower the flavor of the cheese or alter the texture. Using beechwood from the surrounding area, the wheels are smoked for a couple hours each day for about 5-7 days, before being moved back into the affinage caves.

FORMAT 5.5 lb Wheels
TYPE Pressed, Natural Rind, Smoked
MILK Raw Sheep, Castilian
RENNET Traditional 
PRODUCER Ignacio and Jesus Sanz, Quesería Campoveja 
REGION Castilla y Leon
AGE 10+ months
PROFILE Smoking the wheels adds great complexity to an already flavorful cheese. The additional smoky, meaty notes mesh well the already savory profile, instead of becoming overbearing. On the back end, the sweeter, nuttier finish now has an added roasted layer. With the calculated smoking, the cheesemakers manage to keep the texture nearly the same as Manteo, toothy and granular, but not dried out.