Hornkäse is a special project coming to us from cheesemaker Albert Kraus.  Unlike his other cheeses, milk for Hornkäse does not come from his brother’s neighboring farm, but rather a co-op of biodynamic farmers raising herds of horned cows.  Choosing to leave the horns on their animals not only shows a priority towards animal welfare, but also helps to improve the quality and flavor of the milk they produce. 

In working with this milk, Albert is able to produce a different profile of cheese than he has been known for.  Hornkäse receives the same wash as Alex, a mixture of Elderflower cordial and ash from burnt hay.  

FORMAT 12 lb wheel
TYPE Cooked Pressed Curd, Washed Rind
MILK Raw Cow’s Milk
Brown Swiss 
RENNET Traditional calf stomach 
PRODUCER Albert Kraus, Hofkäserei Kraus
REGION Germany
AGE 8 months
PROFILE An atomic bomb of flavor, rich creaminess and clear notes of hay shine through at first.  A strong umami flavor then takes over, notes of truffles and mushrooms coating the mouth.