Good Mood

Good Mood is another, luscious washed rind cheese from Bio-Käserei Wiggensbach.  After aging in their cellars for six weeks, the rind of the cheese is coated with the same blend of spices used in the production of Alp Blossom.  The addition of the spices here helps to elevate the flavor of the cheese.  Floral and herbaceous notes are aplenty, blending perfectly with the buttery smooth texture of Good Mood, making it a well-balanced cheese that easily stands out.

5.5 lb wheel
TYPE Cooked / Pressed Curd, Washed rind
MILK Pasteurized Cow, Brown Swiss, Organic Hay Milk
RENNET Traditional calf stomach 
PRODUCER Franz Berchtold, Bio-Käserei Wiggensbach
REGION Wiggensbach, Bavaria, Germany
AGE 2 months
PROFILE From the cheese itself, one can taste the Allgäu region where it comes from. The grassy sweet cream notes shine right through, while the wild array of flavors from the herbs on the rind immediately remind you of the pastures the cows are grazing on. The sublime, creamy texture brings it all together for a well-rounded bite.