Fruity Franzle

Fruity Franzle pays tribute to another important agricultural product of the area around the dairy, apples.  Once removed from a short trip in a brine tank, Fruity Franzle continues to be aged and washed with a mixture of apple cider and apple must, for up to three months.  The mixture used here is made up of apples that grow on the same farms the cows are raised on, further connecting the cheese back to the land it belongs to.  Like the other cheeses from Bio-Käserei Wiggensbach, the texture if rich thanks to the high fat content of the milk used.  But the apple cider wash the cheese receives while aging provides a playfully bright acidity that helps to balance this.  The aroma of apples is also recognizable from the rind, helping to almost transport you to the orchards and fields of Bavaria where this cheese starts.

FORMAT 9 lb wheel
TYPE Cooked / Pressed Curd, Washed rind
MILK Pasteurized Cow, Brown Swiss, Organic Hay Milk
RENNET Traditional calf stomach 
PRODUCER Franz Berchtold, Bio-Käserei Wiggensbach
REGION Wiggensbach, Bavaria, Germany
AGE 3 months
PROFILE The rind is slightly tacky, with a beautiful, bright salmon hue. The high fat content of the milk comes through in the paste, with the clean notes of sweet creams we love from this dairy and that luscious mouthfeel. The results of the washing though are what really shine. A bouncy and bright acidity helps cut through all the cream, adding a playful fruitiness to the flavor as well as the aroma.