Ruben’s time studying cheesemaking in France shows clear in Frida.  Inspired by the spruce wrapped cheeses of France and Switzerland, Frida is also bark bound, but instead uses Beechwood from the region.  This raw milk cheese is washed while it ages for a minimum of two months, developing a slightly pinkish, tacky rind from B. Linen growth. 

The flavors are intensified thanks to this wash, with beefy notes and a slight sulfuric, eggy quality upfront, and finishing fruitier.  The texture remains meatier and semi firm rather than be soft and spreadable.

FORMAT 2.2lb Wheels
TYPE Washed Rind, Bark Bound
MILK Raw Sheep, Castillian
RENNET Traditional 
PRODUCER Ruben Valbuena Asela Alvarez, Granja Cantagrullas
REGION Castilla y Leon, Spain
AGE 2 months
PROFILE The paste is meaty in texture, but also beefy and savory in flavor. Slight sulfuric eggy quality is also pleasantly present. Frida finishes fruitier and sweeter though, with slight tannin notes.