swissA collaboration between Columbia Cheese, Mundig, and Käserei Stofel, Forsterkase is produced by Heublumen mastermind Thomas Stadelmann. His Forsterkase is an evolution of a Swiss original, redeveloped for sale in the U.S. using thermalized milk and aged 60 days. A bit more stout in the 2.0 version, the flavors are deep and rich, with sweet cream married to the grassy funk of the velvety washed rind and a hint of the bark-binding. Squidgy to thickly creamy with small eyes, this cheese is plump when ripe, but not runny.

Käserei Stofel is a second- generation village dairy located in the Unterwasser, a historical region known for dairy in Canton St. Gallen. Thomas Stadelman worked alongside his father for decades, producing traditional Tilsiter. Eventually Thomas took over production and moved the dairy’s output into the 21st Century with a range of cheeses firmly rooted in tradition while expressing a modern influence.

Since 1995 the dairy has utilized only organic cow, goat and sheep milk fed from Alpine pastures above 900 meters. As the last milk processor in the Unterwasser, Stadelman is committed to preserving his dairy’s link to the agrarian tradition of the region and to the 17 families that deliver milk from their historic pastures.

In order to maintain this tradition, Thomas and his family undertook the building of a new modern dairy after seeing his production capacity limited by his increasingly cramped workspace. He is now able to process this local milk into his remarkable cheeses, in addition to bottled fluid milk and yogurt.

FORMAT 1.5 lb wheel
TYPE Surface Ripened (washed) Bark wrapped
MILK Unpasteurized cow, Brown Swiss/Braunvieh, 17 contributing herds
RENNET Traditional calf stomach Produced on site
PRODUCER Thomas Stadelman, Käserei Stofel
REGION Canton St Gallen Switzerland
AGE 2 months
PROFILE Semi-soft, pudgy paste. Milky and delicate, with subtle sweet, woodsy notes.