Esparto Semicurado

Esparto Semicurado is produced by Quesos Iniesta utilizing two different breeds of sheep native to Spain, keeping it from attaining DOP status as a Manchego.  Utilizing slight variations in production methods, Felix Iniesta is able to craft a Manchego style cheese with a slightly different profile than is usual. 

He strikes a beautiful balance between milky sweetness and subtle acidity, which together create notes of light roasted coffee and toasted nuts.  

FORMAT 5lb Wheels
TYPE Pressed, Natural Rind
MILK Raw Sheep, La Mancha and Castilian
RENNET Traditional 
PRODUCER Felix Iniesta, Quesos Iniesta Manzanaro
REGION Castilla y Leon
AGE 4+ months
PROFILE Bolder notes of toasted nuts and a greater sweetness help delivery unique flavors to a cheese of this category. The younger Semi version offers a clean, milky flavor that is less prevalent in the Curado wheels.