Ciresa Taleggio

Taleggio_1Ciresa Taleggio is made at a small dairy in Lombardia by 30-year veteran cheesemakers. Using three open vats, they make cheese three times daily. After two to three days of aging the cheese is moved to the Ciresa aging facilty in Introbio to mature.

Once at Introbio, the cheese is moved to an aging room to be hand salted, washed, turned and cared for. During the first 10 days, Taleggio is dry salted, which allows the cheese to mature with a dry, sturdy rind. After the initial ten days, it is washed with a brine solution for the remainder of its maturation. DOP dictates 35 days minimum aging, but Ciresa ages up to an additional fifteen days to allow for development.

This square, washed rind cheese has a peach colored rind that is slightly tacky to the touch, with yeasty and mushroom notes on the nose. The paste is stark white and dense, with no eyes. Its texture is plump and pudgy, almost spreadable at room temperature. Flavors are cream filled and bright, with just a slight earthy taste on the finish.

Formaggi Ciresa is a leading affinatore of Lombardia. Their work includes selection, aging, packaging, and distribution of cheese, particularly the traditional cheese families of Lombardia: Stracchino, Gorgonzola, Latteria & fresh cheese. Founded in 1927, their multi-generational relationships with cheesemakers allow for incomparable representation of these regional styles, in addition to PDO cheeses throughout Italy.

FORMAT 5 lb square
TYPE Washed rind
MILK Pasteurized cow
RENNET Traditional Calf Rennet
AFFINATORE Formaggi Ciresa
REGION Lombardia Italy
AGE 8-12 weeks
PROFILE When young flavors are surprisingly bright, fruity, and clean, with just a slight
earthy taste on the finish, which will mature in age to bring out more developed flavors of
mushroom and earth.