Chiriboga Blue

Chiriboga BlueCheese maker Arturo Chiriboga originally created his namesake cheese, Chiriboga Blue, at Hofkäserei Obere Muhle.  Thanks to an expansion in 2018, Arturo is now making his blue cheese at Albert Kraus’ Hofkäserei Kraus.  While the cheese remains the same, we’re now able to source a larger volume more consistently.  Aged for just over a month, Chiriboga blue is rich and decadent in texture.  Thanks to a unique production step, the blue veins remain minimal, keeping the flavor sweet with a subtle tang, and just a light piquant note from the mold.  An excellent addition to your cheese case when looking for a gateway blue.

FORMAT 5.5lb wheel
TYPE Semi soft blue
MILK Raw cow
RENNET Traditional calf stomach
PRODUCER Arturo Chiriboga Hofkäserei Kraus
REGION Bavaria Germany
AGE 60 days
PROFILE Thick, creamy mouthfeel with bright, tangy flavors.