Drawing on the styles of British farmhouse Cheddars and French Salers, Rubén Valbuena crafts this milled curd, clothbound cheese using the sheep’s milk of the neighboring farms around the dairy.  This 50-pound behemoth is molded into form for two days, before being bandaged in cloths that are applied with butter made at Cantagrullas.  The cheese will continue to age for a minimum of ten months before being released.  When matured, CG40 is full of life and flavor, ranging from mild sweetness, a mineral tang, and a noticeable wild game note.  Its texture is firm without being dried out, and evenly dispersed tyrosine crystals.

FORMAT 50lb Wheels
TYPE Natural Rind
MILK Raw Sheep, Castillian
RENNET Traditional 
PRODUCER Ruben Valbuena Asela Alvarez, Granja Cantagrullas
REGION Castilla y Leon, Spain
AGE 10 months
PROFILE The texture is firm and slightly short (but not brittle) with small, irregular eyes and dispersed crystal development. Surprising minerality balanced by a mild sweetness with some mellow animal notes and a whiff of earth from the rind.Exceedingly snackable