Cabriolait represents the amazing relationship Kaasaffineurs Van Tricht maintains with the dairies of Belgium, and what we hope to achieve for our work with our partners abroad.  Sourced from a producer who strives for the best possible quality in their cheese, and refined by master affineurs, Cabriolait is a hit thanks to this collaborative effort. 

This raw goat’s milk, washed rind cheese is selected at one month old, and aged for an additional two months.  By extending the affinage period, the typical gamey after taste found in goat’s milk cheeses is barely recognizable, making Cabriolait an excellent gateway cheese for its category.  Notes of toasted bread, butter, and roasted nuts make it extremely snackable and delicious.

FORMAT 6lb Wheel
TYPE Washed Rind, Trappist Style
MILK Raw Goat, Saanen
RENNET Traditional 
PRODUCER Cooperatieve Kaasmakerij Het Hinkelspel
REGION East Flanders, Belgium
AGE 3 months
PROFILE Cabriolait is sweet and mild. The wash on the rind creates a nutty aroma. The paste is ivory white, with notes of toasted bread and butter. A subdued goaty tang on the finish makes the cheese more approachable.