Braojos is reminiscent of the great Loire Valley chèvres that are well known throughout the world.  Made with raw sheep’s milk, the outer rind is full of wrinkles thanks to the Geotrichum Candidum that inhabits it.  The creamy texture is extremely dense, nearing the consistency of fudge.  Braojos has a combination of flavors starting with a more earthy mushroom quality from the rind.  The paste is both savory like cooked pasta, as well as tangy along the lines of sour cream.  Taken all together, the profile has strong Beef Stroganoff vibes unlike any other cheese.

FORMAT 2.2lb Wheels
TYPE Natural Rind
MILK Raw Sheep, Castillian
RENNET Traditional 
PRODUCER Ruben Valbuena Asela Alvarez, Granja Cantagrullas
REGION Castilla y Leon, Spain
AGE 2 months
PROFILE Earthy, umami notes of mushrooms from the rind mesh with savory cooked pasta tones from the paste. A slight hint of tanginess and acidity lead you to sour cream. Combined all together, Braojos has heavy Beef Stroganoff vibes that are like nothing else.