The Columbia Cheese Blog

Our MARCH Update

Hi from Jonathan Richardson, Columbia Cheese National Sales Manager! So, a new month is upon us. I thought it would be good to update you all on our comings and goings, new items, logistical changes and what-not. Website- Do we still call them websites? Either way, our new one is Also, whenever something […]

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Holla for Challerhocker

Maker to Monger. Holla from Tufertschwil. I first met Walter Rass in May of 2012 at his dairy in Tufertschwil, Switzerland. I was immediately struck by the remarkable hybridity of the operation- here was this master cheesemaker, 25 years at his own family dairy, producing a unicorn he called Challerhocker, a cheese built for the […]

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Welcome to Our New Site

We are getting ready to launch our brand new site. Now you will be able to search our award winning selection of cheese and other products by name, country or dairy. Easy to find, and when you do, there is a one sheet for you to download. Much more to come. See you at launch!

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