Bio-Käserei Wiggensbach

Newer to our selections from Germany comes Bavarian dairy Bio-Käserei Wiggensbach.  Founded in 2003 by a group of eight farmers, choosing to raise their Brown Swiss cows organically.  Their milk once collectively sold to a larger company, where they had very little say in the final product it would become.  They decided instead to form a cooperative dairy that would properly showcase and highlight the standards that they practiced and the results it brought them.  Cheesemaker Franz Berchtold was hired to transform their high-quality milk into artisan produced cheeses.  Working out of a show dairy that is open to the public year round, Franz and his team of cheesemakers at Bio-Käserei Wiggensbach produce a range of washed rind cheeses that we’re able to source thanks to our export partners at Kaeskuche.

Good Mood
Fruity Franzle
Red Casanova