Appenzeller Black

swiss21Owner Ernst Naf at Kaserei Naf in Saint Gallen has been making award winning Appenzeller for years. Scored on a 20 point system, Naf’s Appeneller has not scored below 19.25 for over a decade. With a production capacity of only 96 wheels per day, Kaserei Naf receives milk from a 15 member dairy cooperative, milking Brown Swiss cows. The cheese itself is a delight. A rosey-pink rind encases a dense, toothsome, golden yellow colored paste spotted with the occasional eye or two. Flavors are funky and spicy, but with a clear note of pasture and a supporting cast of deep, rich cream.

FORMAT 15 lb tomme
TYPE Cooked/pressed Washed rind
MILK Thermalized cow milk Brown Swiss/Braunvieh 15 contributing herds
RENNET Traditional calf rennet
PRODUCER Ernst Naf, Kaserei Schonenbuel
REGION St Gallen Switzerland
AGE 6 months
PROFILE Funky & spicy, with a clear note of pasture, supported by rich cream.