Andre Musc

Andre Musc draws on inspiration from the cheeses of Italy and Holland, but the roots of this cheese start and finish with the care and attention the cows of Andre Farm receive.  How they are raised, what they feed on, and even the hugs they are given, all contribute to high quality milk that is prime for cheesemaking. 

Working with whole, pasteurized milk helps to give the cheese a more matured look and mouth feel.  While the curd is washed and the cheese is aged at a warmer temperature, the flavor remains more savory than that of other cheeses made in this fashion.  One of the stronger notes that is present in the cheese is that of nutmeg, or “muskaatpähkel” in Estonian, giving the cheese its name of Musc.

FORMAT 24lb wheel
TYPE Washed Curd / Pressed
MILK Pasteurized Cow’s Milk
RENNET Traditional calf stomach 
REGION Estonia
AGE 3 months
PROFILE Andre Musc’s flavor profile is truly unique. Upfront, the cheese has a bread and toasted cheese quality reminiscent of a Cheez-It cracker, in the best way possible. An acidic, wine note starts to take over though, balancing out the fresh cream flavors that are plentiful. Throughout all of this, a note of nutmeg lingers, and paired with the acidity, helps to give the cheese a profile not unlike a hot pot of fondue.