Andre Farm

Andre Farm has been maintained and operated by one family since 1874, with the fifth generation currently at the helm.  The farm has produced a variety of agricultural products as well as raising dairy cattle over those years, but it wasn’t until more recently they began an adventure in cheese making.

As Estonia is not known for their cheesemaking, in 2015 they set off to Italy and Holland to study and learn different production methods.  Taking techniques from both these countries, their cheeses do slightly resemble things like Gouda and Parmigiano Reggiano, but to label them as such just wouldn’t be accurate, so it truly is just Andre cheese.  Currently, their herd is made up of around 200 milking cows.  Breeds vary between Black-White and Red Holstein, Brown Swiss, and the native Estonian Red.  With the transition away from fluid milk production, they have chosen to focus more on the Brown Swiss and Estonian Red, as they produce milk that has a better quality for cheesemaking.

Their studies abroad and dedication to the care of their animals has paid off, almost immediately.  In just a year into production, three of their cheeses took home silver at the World Cheese Championships of 2016.  They are the first Estonian producer to be recognized on the international stage.  We’re proud to be a partner with them and help bring some of the first Estonian farmstead cheese into the States.

Andre Musc