Alp Blossom

Now made in Germany at Hofkäserei Kraus, comes everyone’s favorite flower covered cheese, Alp Blossom.  Paying tribute to the Alpine environment that helps shape and flavor the milk used in production, this cheese is coated in a diverse combination of dried flower petals, herbs, and spices that grow out in the pastures surrounding the dairy. 

Utilizing raw, unskimmed milk, the already present floral and herbaceous notes of the cheese are further drawn out by the addition the rind.  Not just photogenic and beautiful, Alp Blossom has deep flavors and prominently stands out on any cheeseboard.

FORMAT 13lb wheel
TYPE Cooked/pressed Washed rind
MILK Unpasteurized cow Brown Swiss
RENNET Traditional calf stomach 
PRODUCER Albert Kraus, Hofkäserei Kraus
REGION Bavaria, Germany
AGE 7 months
PROFILE Dense, semi firm texture with herbaceous aromas permeating the paste.