Almnäs Bruk

The estate at Almnäs Bruk has a rich history that dates all the way back to 1225, when a group of monks first established a farm here in the small Swedish town of Hjo, alongside the shores of the pristine Lake Vättern.  Since its founding, the estate has changed hands numerous times, until being purchased by current owners, the Berglund family in 1915.  The property has also gone through many purposes in its life, including being a brick factory and distillery, but nothing has been quite as successful here as its main function as cheese producing dairy.  Cheese making here dates back to the early 1830’s, with a pause in production starting in 1961 lasting until 2008.  Throughout this time, Almnäs Bruk has always been able to draw milk for production from its own farmstead heard of Holstein cows it raises on site.  They’ve focused their production to be made like the Alpine cheeses of Switzerland, purchasing vats, presses, and even milk cans from that country to help replicate that style.  Their program has continued to grow and develop in the years since we’ve partnered with them, and they’ve helped to add a nice diversity into our portfolio.

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