One of the first cheeses produced by Albert Kraus, Alex is named for the German rail line that connects the Alpine region of the Allgäu where the cheese is produced, to the more urban area surrounding Munich.  Albert exclusively uses milk from his family’s herd of Brown Swiss cows, managed by his brother Xaver, to produce this unique classic. 

Aged for a total of seven months, Albert begins to wash each wheel with a special blend of hand-picked herbs and an Elder Flower cordial for the final two months.  The wash adds a fruity acidity, with notes of melon, that help to cut through the deep cream flavors of Alex.  Its body is surprisingly light for a cheese of this style, helping to make Alex extremely snackable.  In the crowded Alpine category, Alex is a refreshingly different, original creation.

FORMAT 25lb wheel
TYPE Cooked/pressed Washed rind
MILK Unpasteurized cow Brown Swiss
RENNET Traditional calf stomach 
PRODUCER Albert Kraus, Hofkäserei Kraus
REGION Bavaria, Germany
AGE 7 months
PROFILE Alex has alight and delicate body and a deep cream blast cut through with ripe melon notes that lend a perfectly balanced acidity.