Adelegger full wheelAdelegger hails from Kaskuche Isny in the Allgäu, a region in the Bavarian Alps. For 15 years, a small cooperative of seven farmers have provided all the organic milk for master cheese maker Evelyn Wild’s dairy. Adelegger is thermalized, like all of Wild’s cheese, but this does not take away from the intense flavors that develop during the 17 month long aging period. The paste is dense and fudgy with a well-balanced saltiness. Flavors are bright, with tropical fruit notes, accompanied by more familiar roasted nut, caramel and mocha tones found frequently in Alpine cheese.

Located in the Allgau region of the Bavarian Alps Kaskuche Isny was established in 1998 by a group of ecologically minded dairy farmers, wanting to make organic cheese in an ecologically sound environment. Their goal was to create traditional cheese to showcase the high quality of their Alpine milk. Today, fifteen years after the dairy was founded, a group of 7 farmers contribute milk daily, which master cheesemaker Evelyn Wild uses to craft 8 different cheeses, including her signature Adelegger, sold at three different ages.

Kaskuche Isny is green in practice, using steam to both sterilize and power the dairy. They follow government organic standards and process 211,337 gallons of milk into roughly 143,000 lbs of cheese each year.

FORMAT 15lb tomme
TYPE Cooked/pressed Washed rind
MILK Thermalized cow Brown Swiss/Braunvvieh 7 contributing herds
RENNET Traditional calf rennet
PRODUCER Evelyn Wilde Kaskuche Isny
REGION Bavaria Germany
AGE 17 months
PROFILE Dense & fudgy paste. Bright, with tropical fruit notes,
with bold hints of roasted nuts, caramel & mocha.