1655 Gruyere

1655 GruyereA remarkably elegant and traditional Gruyere AOC, 1655 is the fruit of a partnership between Jean-Marie Dunand at Fromagerie Le Crêt and Gérald Roux at Fromage Gruyere SA. Drawing on his extensive experience in the production and refining of Gruyere, Gerald identified the premier dairies among the 27 in his caves by taste, consistency and a qualitative evaluation based on the Gruyere Association’s monthly evaluations.

At the top of this list is Le Crêt’s cheese, marked by a fresh cream blast, bright fruity flavor, deep and structured nuttiness and an even, toothsome body studded with pinpoint crystals. Gerald works with fromagerie Le Crêt to select cheeses for the program, refining them to 12-14 months.

Fromagerie Le Crêt is located near Gruyere’s namesake Canton of Fribourg. Jean-Marie Dunand pains to maintain standard- isolating exceptional milk supply, making about half as much cheese as his quota would allow, constantly refining their historical process. The result is a dairy that is a frequent recipient of the Gruyere Associations Medaille d’Or, an award presented to dairies with top level Association evaluations every month for five years.

Fromage Gruyere S.A. is the smallest public Gruyere affineur and the only one in the canton of Fribourg, the birthplace of Gruyere, Fromage Gruyere SA was founded by the landowners of the Alpine pasture in 1916 and remains dedicated to intensive selection and aging of Gruyere in its ancestral homeland.
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FORMAT 73lb wheel, 18lb quarter wheel, 9lb eighth wheel
TYPE Cooked/pressed Washed rind
MILK Unpasteurized cow Red & Black Holstein 8 contributing herds
RENNET Traditional calf stomach Produced on site
PRODUCER Jean-Marie Dunand Fromagerie Le Crêt
AFFINEUR Gérald Roux, Fromagerie Gruyere S.A.
REGION Canton Fribourg Switzerland
AGE 14 months
PROFILE 1655 is marked by a fresh cream blast, a bright fruity flavor, and a deep,
structured nuttiness. With an even, toothsome body studded with pinpoint crystals this
cheese shines above other Gruyeres.